The Usage Problem

The following are some of the flaws with the current bed net distribution method in Ghana and other African countries:

  • Bed nets are distributed, “unannounced”, at community clinics that treat poor mothers and their children; so it is by sheer luck that one gets the net if one happens to be at the clinic that day.
  • One bed net is given to a mother without regard to the number of siblings and other family members in the household.
  • No determination is made to see if the mothers have the means and know how to install the nets properly.
  • The common and cheapest bed nets distributed are the rectangular shaped net which require beds with bed posts for proper installation.
  • Yet, the majority of the African sleep on mats and mattresses on the floor and even those that have beds do not have bed posts!
  • Many African adults hold strong superstitions about sleeping under those white colored nets; they claim to see ghosts, or shadows standing over them when they awake from sleep. Strong education is needed and alternative colors are to be considered.